Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sanda island to Gigha. Day 59

We had been recommend to visit gigha by many people, but we had been warned about the tidal race off the mull of kintyre. On such a still day and reaching the mull just after slack the water was actually pretty calm. However our speed went over 7knots and then stayed about 4 - 5 knots for the rest of the trip. (our average speed over a day with no tide or wind is about 3 1/2 knots). So we managed to paddle the 31 NM to gigha before the tide changed. We were welcomed by some sea kayakers who knew the local area well, many friendly sailors, advice and donations. After showers and ice creams we slept well.

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  1. Hello Rach and Rob, I was the retired clinical geneticist with the sea kayak sail. It was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with the rest of your trip :o)