Thursday, 20 June 2013

Duress to armadale day 72

A nice late start, due to tides, and a plan to paddle just over 20 NM, as we are due a few relaxing days. After a few hours of paddling i was thinking it'd been quite an uneventful day. We had been paddling a couple of miles from the shore so although the views were good we hadn't seen much stuff. A few miles from the end of our day we came in and were paddling a couple of hundred metres from the shore when i heard, what sounded like a very large porpoise and out of the corner of my eye saw, what looked like, a very large dolphin about 10-20metres away. So we stopped and then saw a Minke whale in front of us. (pic on my camera so you'll have to wait for that one) It was pretty exciting and i suddenly felt pretty small. Didn't see it again so off we paddled to a good although sandy beach (grrrr, i hate camping on sand), feeling pretty chuffed on our sighting.

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