Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 65 and 66

We could have quite easily stayed at uags bothy. But another good weather day, so off we paddle. After a long day yesterday and a good few days of paddling now with no rest days, today turned into pretty hardwork. We fell asleep on a beach at lunch and paddled to a campsite near Gairloch at about 6ish. The last couple of weeks have been amazing with the views of islands and mountains all around us and the near perfect weather- i felt a bit today with the change in scenery and weather we were leaving the best part behind us now. However, my mood changed when we stopped at a campsite which was perfect for kayakers who haven't seen a shower in a while. It even had an inside area for cooking away from midges with a sofa! After realising we were both pretty exhausted we decided to stay a day, charged vhfs, cameras etc and sorted any minor probs with kit.

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