Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Gigha to scarba Day 60

Any moaning i have done on this trip about the weather - i take it all back now. We're pretty chuffed to have such good weather in west Scotland. We are trying to balance making the most of the days, with out feeling like we're missing out on the scenery so that hopefully we can get up to north Scotland before it changes. Glassy water with stunning views and lots of wildlife all up until about 2 hours from the end of the paddle today. I noticed what looked like a line of fairly rough water approaching. Within a few mins we were paddling into a force four headwind, as a result we didn't quite make it too our intended destination before we ran out of tide. We came in a couple of miles early and have found a camp on scarba. Lovely camp apart from rob looking like he's going to rob a bank - he's pretty scary in his black head net.

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