Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 71 Durness

Up at 0345 today ready to take on Cape Wrath. We need to get round today as the firing rang will be in use all next week.
Its a gray day low clouds and mist. As we get past sandwood bay the tide starts pushing us along and we make good time.
I'm thinking we must be nearly at the cape and I'm gearing myself up for the big seas when i glance at my compass to see we are paddling east? And then realise we have past it. We carry on along the north coast with its big cliffs disappearing into the clouds and puffins everywhere until we get to Durness where we stop for the night.
Will add some photos later if i can.


  1. If you stop at John O Groats beware of the dangerous seaweed covered steep slipway in the harbour. There's a small beach on the east side of the pier I used, but that's about 70 miles from you yet.

  2. Congratulations guys on reaching the top!