Thursday, 20 June 2013

Murkle bay to Wick - day 74

We can't quite believe our luck. Going around Cape Wrath and through Pentland firth have been on my mind for a while and we assumed that we would probably have to wait a few days for good conditions to get around the north of Scotland. But here we are on our third day since Cape Wrath with perfect conditions for going through P. Firth. Today there is a 1ft swell from the north and tomorrow there is forecast 7ft swell arriving from the west so just enough time. As we go around Dunnet head (mainlands most northerly point) the swell still feels pretty big and as we go around the Men of Mey the sea was choppy. We then go through the firth at 8knots on flat water with a keen eye out for ferrys, until just before duncansby head where we get a few waves in our faces but continue to zoom around the corner until we are eventually heading south. Woohoo. Then its about 15NM with a knot of tide all the way to a little bay in Staxigoe just north of wick.
After an excellent few days where we have rounded cape Wrath, Duncansby head and passed the half way mark (not sure exactly where it was as it depends on our route from here) we thought we should have a celebratory meal. After a long walk into wick - which prob burnt half the precious calories consumed in the meal, we had a great meal before deciding we should walk back before we fall asleep in the pub.

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