Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day 52 silecroft to st bees

Its drizzley and dull as we pack up camp. This does not change much as we paddle, an additional head wind is thrown in to the mix for the last 10 miles. Rach phoned  Eskmeals firing range as we approached and they promised not to blow us up however they still kept blowing other stuff up as we passed by. It was a little unnerving and we did question if we had phoned the correct range.
St bees is as far as we can get and we arrive just before the tide turns against us. St bees life boat crew were out training and welcomed us in for a tea and kindly let us store our boats. All the guys were super friendly and interested in our trip. On dull wet days like this one being so welcomed by the life boat crew really is a big deal for us and it made our day.

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