Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 42 - Fishermans cove to Trefor

Yesterday evening we met Will who will become the youngest person to walk the recently opened path around Wales - Check him out on twitter  @Willwalkswales. He was accompanied by Pete a very enthusiastic guy from Penrallt coastal campsite, today we recognised a moral boosting wave from him about a mile away stood on his land rover on the coast. Good day with a nice fairly early finish in Trevor where we met an paddler who tried out our boats and we talked kayaks. One of the best parts of this trip so far has been all the interesting and helpful people we meet everyday.

1 comment:

  1. You then must have caught up with Rick Stanton in the Pea Green 'Boat' (sea Kayak) at Trefor! ...He'd just left penrallt 20 min prior. You are correct,
    It was I doing a whirley gig on the Landy roof ..I do get excited.
    Great to meet you and best wishes for the rest of the trip. Jealous ? well just a tad ;-)