Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Day 31 Musselwick to Pwllgwaelod

Across St. Brides bay this morning heading for Caerfai bay for some lunch. It has warmed up today and I'm sweating in my dry suit which ironically makes me cold by the time we get to Caerfai.
As we are just leaving Caerfai we meet a lovely couple who are very interested on our trip and sponsor us 30 Pounds! Thanks, I'm sorry I forgot your names.
Ramsey sound is a blast. Even though it is neaps we still fly through, 5knots when not paddling and with a little effort I reach 12knots. Somewhere before Stumble head Rach needs a pee, should not be a problem we are 2 miles offshore and no boats in sight. Just as she starts I can see a boat zooming towards us from the coast, rach just manages to finish up before a small boat with 4 blokes on it pulls up to check we are ok. Luckily we are ok and the boat of blokes returns to shore.
After Stumble head we get stuck in an eddy and our speed drops to about 2.5knts. When we get to Fishgaurd bay there is no wind no tide and the sea is a mill pound for the last few miles. We set up camp on Pwllgwaelod beach just as night falls. I think this has been our longest day. We have done 32.5nm.

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