Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 45 Abergele to formby - 20th May

9:30 start, we paddled off towards Rhyl on a pretty overcast day with a cross wind. On getting to near rhyl we realised that all the choppy water over the sandbanks in the area were going to slow us. So we started heading away from the coast earlier than planned and headed up to Formby. Crossings can get pretty dull at the best of times, but on an overcast day, with small waves hitting from the side and just a few windmills as a view this has to be our least inspiring yet. I started to get pretty annoyed and bored, maybe I've become a bit too used to the good weather and interesting scenery we've had over the last 5 days in North Wales. The paddling finished with a sprint across the Crosby channel - (not that there were any ships particularly nearby but i still feel pretty venerable) and a very ungraceful exit on Formby beach where i almost loose my sunglasses (again).
After eating alot of smash,veg and tuna we relook at the weather forecast and maps for the next few days. Doesn't look good. The furthest we can get tomorrow- with the wind getting stronger is Blackpool, and with nowhere to camp and sit out the next few windy days between here and there we reluctantly stay put. This is one of the few occasions where i miss not having a support vehicle to pick us up anywhere and whisk us off to a campsite. I gladly go to bed after a very tiring day.
P.s. The last few blogs have been sent by email and won't be in order, you'll have to work it out.

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