Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 97 Hawthorn Hive to Runswick bay

Well, last night, we were invited by a friendly guy to join them around the fire for some food, which would have been great if he hadn't been drunk and therefore failed to notice/or care that we were both fast asleep. Same drunk guy obviously thought that he had been friendly all night so at about midnight had a huge argument with a friend! saying he had "been f*!?@*g nice all evening". I understood this from the other end of the beach but he thought the message wasn't getting through so repeated again and again for about half an hour. Anyway, when our alarms went off about 2, after about 2 hours sleep, Rob and I decided we weren't up for a big day and instead left at about 10. After a couple of hours we stopped at Hartlepool for lunch and to sit out the worst of the tide against us. After lunch we had to cross the harbour entrance, which was pretty horrible and had to be on constant look out for boats. At least the shipping channel was pretty obvious so after waiting for one tanker to pass we sped on by. After a couple of hours the coast started to look a bit more welcoming again and not so built up. We landed on a pretty bay in Runswick bay ready for an early start. 

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