Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 93 - St Abbs head to beach before Holy Island

We left before the tide had turned so we could stop at Eyemouth to collect water and Ice cream. So paddled a few miles at a grand speed of 2 knots. Ate ice cream and after one failed attempt(first of the trip - we were told we couldn't fill our bottles!??) Rob managed to collect water for a couple of days. We generally try to carry 2-3 days water with us, so we are not as limited on where we have to land. We may have got a bit too relaxed on the sunny beach, so when we arrived at Holy island later that day we had run out of tide so had to cut our planned distance short and land on a very, very long sandy beach which involved a very, very long carry. However, for tea we ate freshly caught mackerel - so the carry was quickly forgotten.


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