Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 85 & 86 Port Erroll to Inverbervie

After a day off yesterday due to winds we decided to make the most of the day knowing tomorrow would prob be another windy day. So up at 2:30, for a 4am start, a bit of a headwind but fairly easily paddling. Paddled past dolphins and alot of ships queing up (the ships not the dolphins) to enter Aberdeen - reminds us of how careful we will have to be around the Thames and Humber. We were glad to reach Cove bay for a few hours sleep and a chat with some of the local fishermen and residents. When the tide turned again in our favour we had a lovely paddle past thousands of sea birds to Inverbervie - in total paddling 40NM making it our furthest day yet. We were greeted by many fishermen and caravaners including Bobby and Gwen with a cup of tea for us both. We then stayed at the campsite for a windy wet day and were treated to tea with Gwen, Bobby, Brook and Ian. Meeting locals and holiday makers and the amount of help we receive has been one of the most enjoyable and appreciated parts of the trip and never fails to raise spirits on hard days.

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