Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 116 Folkestone to Winchelsea beach

Good to get going again.
Generally, apart from the occasional kayak fisherman, we don't tend to meet many boats on the water. However on the last three paddling days we've had a Coastguard boat and a fishery patrol boat come over to check we are ok. As we paddled past Dover the police popped over (not really sure if they we checking up on us, but they seemed chatty and went off happy) and then today it was the military. As we were paddling past a firing range they zoomed (at a worringly high speed when you're in a small kayak) over to us to check we were going far enough out. They did offer us a lift, which of course we declined, so instead they stayed 500m behind us for about two hours until we were well past the range.
You'll be pleased to know everyones been very friendly, and although it felt a bit bizarre being followed today it did break up an otherwise quite dull day crossing two bays. Early night ready for a 4:30am get up tomorrow. Aaarrrggghhh

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